American Mountain Men
New England Brigade
Connecticut - Maine - Massachusetts
New Hampshire - Rhode Island - Vermont

Nat Wyeth Party
Bossloper #1799

Booshway "Skip" Wiley has travelled far and wide, 
north and south, east and west, 
spending considerable time in the Rockies 
riding the trails and taking part in National Rendezvous.

He is part owner of the North East Mountain Men,
a major influence in New England,
an integral part of the Frontiersmen at the Danvers Fish & Game Club.
Cathy Cripps

Yes, it is possible for a woman to be a member of a party in the AMM!
While women cannot be members of the AMM, 
by subscribing to the Tomahawk & Long Rifle 
they are recognized as Associate Members,
and in accordance with the By Laws may be a member of a party.

Cathy has earned her way into the party 
by action, and an in depth knowledge of the history of the fur trade
possessing the necessary skills and experience to be a valued member of the party.

The Trappers, Traders, Hunters, all a Majority of Scoundrels

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