American Mountain Men
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Dan'l B. Cripps, NE Brigade Booshway
White Mountain Party
Norm DeAndrus, Booshway        
5 Kingshaw Avenue 
Plaistow, NH  03065                                                 
Norm DeAndrus, Booshway B 1942
Chuck Terry, Clerk B 1921
Ron Marshall H 1445 MT
Ron Valley B 1353
Lee Knowles, B 1758
Jim Malcuit, B 1720
Gerry Nantel, HL 965
Ron Deschamps, B 1785

Norm DeAndrus                                                                                
Jim Malcuit                             

 Jim Malcuit 
Auctioning off a fine knife which he made to help finance the WMP web page. It should be up and running for quite some time.
 Ron Marshall 
Ron Valley

Ron Valley  
Tending to supper for the men at the
Adirondack Museum, Blue Lake, NY

2016 was indeed a year of big changes for the White Mountain Party, both positive And negative. Foremost among them was the loss of Bob ‘Hawker’ Valade, who passed away in December of 2015. Bob was a longstanding member of the AMM since 1974. He dedicated many years of service as party Booshway, Brigade Booshway and Eastern Segundo. He was also very active in the Hunter Education Program for the State of NH, the Boy Scouts of America, as well as many other civic organization. His passing was sorrowful and he will be missed by many.

​We lost another longtime member, but only by departure. Jim Malcuit has traded blizzard season for hurricane season and managed to escape the harsh New England winters by moving to South Carolina. I have camped and hunted with Jim for many a year and we all greatly miss him. But I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of that trapper as he has promised to visit us at our beloved Knightville Meadow or cut our trail to some future Eastern or National.  

In 2016 we traveled to places far and wide. Highlights of these sojourns were the Southern Vermont Primitive Biathlon in Manchester, VT where one of the brothers 'took home the gold' in the Men's Smoothbore event.
Then, joined by the Non-Party, it was away up north to Stewartstown, NH to present our camp at the Poore Farm Historic Homestead Museum. Not only was there plenty of shooting and demonstrating, we let the public shoot as well. And we all got our three seconds of fame on NH Chronicle. 
Next it was south to New York City, with members of the Non-Party, Westfield River Party and the WFT to present a program at the New York Historical Society's DeMenna Children's History Museum where we also met Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Now, Manhattan is an exciting place to visit, with it's big buildings and bustling crowds, but this country boy is glad to be back in the Granite State!
Further down south found brothers in West Virginia at the Eastern National, to renew old acquaintances and make new ones.

On a more upbeat note, Ron Marshall was awarded the prestigious title of Master Trapper for his years of experience, participation, and dedicated service to AMM, including many terms as Party Booshway, Brigade Boosway, and many committees. Those who know him will all agree that no one is more deserving of this title than he; Ron truly personifies the spirit and values of the AMM with his knowledge and ever willingness to share.
Chuck Terry
2016   A Year in Review
Many of us also took part in various local rod & gun club shoots at Townsend, Auburn, Leicester, Danvers and Leominster.
Despite our dwindling membership, 2016 turned out to be a productive and successful year. We currently have eight members on our roster, Norm DeAndrus currenty serves as Party Booshway with his often faiing Clerk, Chuck Terry.
Forgiveness if I have left out important people or places, but I recon this old coon's mind is like a steel trap - full of rats!
"It's all about a hat!"  
Ron in ManHATtan.
Siamese twins at the Poore Farm.
Chuck & Ron meet Aaron Burr.
Poore Farm Historic Homestead Museum
Ron at Biathlon Manchester, VT

Chuck at Biathlon
Manchester, VT
Chuck Terry, Clerk        
24 Hunt Road
Peterborough, NH  03458                                                
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AMM at The Fort at No. 4
Labor Day 2017 found the members AMM, NEMM, Women of the Fur Trade and invited guests in good employ in Charlestown, New Hampshire. It was not hard to imagine that the Fort at No. 4 was Fort Manuel Lisa and the Connecticut River was the upper Missouri.
Our purpose there was to present programs to the public increasing awareness of the history of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade, to represent and promote the AMM in general and to help promote this wonderful museum. Such a beautiful and amazing place to visit, and it was time well spent in this cooperative endeavor. 
After hours, we spent time with god friends and new aquaintences catching up on the latest news and fashions. We enjoyed a great pot luck supper Saturday night in one of the forts many rooms.