American Mountain Men
New England Brigade
Connecticut - Maine - Massachusetts
New Hampshire - Rhode Island - Vermont

The New England Brigade originated in 1973. Initially it included Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  
Those were the formative years of the Brigade and the American Mountain Men.
In June 2008 the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island were transferred into the Brigade. 
While no longer considered a brigade, the "non-brigade" continues to grow having four recognized parties, 
the White Mountain Party, the Westfield River Party, the North East Mountain Party and the Nat Wyeth Party,
and a party in formation, the Amoskeag Party.
​In true Yankee tradition the parties value their independence and are dedicated to one another.
The White Mountain Party hosted the AMM Eastern Territorial in 1993. 
The Westfield River Party hosted the 2015 AMM Eastern Territorial in October 2015.
Each page is maintained by the parties themselves, and the Brothers are excited to have this opportunity.
      The American Mountain Men is an association of individuals dedicated to the preservation of the tradition and ways of our nation's most daring explorers and pioneers, the American Mountain Men; and to the actual conservation of our nation's remaining natural wilderness and wildlife; and the ability of our members to survive alone under any conditions.
      There are only about six hundred (600) men world wide who have embraced this challenge, "world wide" as we have one (1) member from Australia, one (1) member from Denmark, two (2) from Finland, and two (2) from Sweden.
      Some of the more recognizable names from history who would personify what has been come to be termed "mountain men" might be Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Jed Smith, and Joe Walker.
      Our Association is led by our Capitaine, Mr. "Doc Ivory" out of Montana. The country is then divide into two territories with Mr. Michael Brannin of Florida serving as Eastern Segundo and Mr. Kraig Fallwell of Texas serving as Western Segundo. The Territories are then divided into Brigades which may encompass a number of states. The New England Brigade being only one of seventeen (17) brigades. Brigades are made up of parties which must consist of no fewer than four (4) men. The strength of our association is our membership which may or may not choose to be a member of a party.
It is no easy thing to become a member. 
Each prospective member must be sponsored and complete ten requirements from a list of twenty with requirements 1 & 2 being mandatory.
            1. Must have a full set of hand-cut and hand-sewn clothing and handmade accouterments. These must be researched for authenticity of the 1800 - 1840 period and be of a type which would have been seen  on men in, or moving to the Rocky Mountains. Rifles, saddles, traps, blankets, and other accouterments that would normally have required the work of a specialized craftsman need not be handmade, but must be as authentic as can be purchased today.
            2. Must have spent at least two days and one night in a primitive camp during each season of the year.
            3. Must have spent an accumulative time of two or more weeks in the wilderness under primitive conditions in the company of no more than one other member. Each stay must be at least three full days and two full nights.
            4. Must have spent at least one full week in a primitive encampment in the company of other members at the territorial AMM rendezvous (Eastern or Western) and/or the National (Rocky Mountain)  AMM Rendezvous.
            5. Must be able to demonstrate the skills needed for primitive survival in the wilderness of his area and must be willing to teach said skills to other members when requested by a Party Booshway or Director of this Association.
            6. Must be able to demonstrate trapping ability using steel traps, snares, and traps made from natural materials found in the area. As many states do not allow the use of some, or any, of these traps, the actual taking of game is not required, although it is suggested where possible and legal.
            7. Must be able to demonstrate the ability to track man or animal under natural wilderness conditions.
            8. Must be able to demonstrate the ability to properly pack a horse, canoe, (or bullboat), or a man for distance travel under possible adverse conditions.
            9. Must be able to properly field dress (clean and skin) a gane animal under primitive conditions.
          10. Must be able to start a fire in wet, as well as dry, weather using flint and steel or fire drill using tinder and wood found under natural conditions.
          11. Must be able to show ability to tan or "Indian-dress" hides.
          12. Must have spent at least five days traveling on foot, snowshoe, canoe, and/or horseback:
                a. One method or a combination may be used.
                b. Bull boat may be used in place of canoe.
                c. You are expected to gain as much distance as possible.
                d. This trip must be under primitive conditions, taking nothing that would not have been available to the mountain man between
                    1800 - 1840. Rifle, hunting bag, powder horn, and knife must be along.
          13. Must be able to cook a meal of meat using only the meat, fire, a knife, and materials found in nature.
          14. Must be able to converse using Plains Indians hand talk. The two hundred (200) words on page sixty four (64) of Tompkin's book "Indian Sign Language", will be used as a basis for conversation. To complete this requirement, you must demonstrate your ability to read the signs for fifty (50) words, as well as give signs for fifty (50) words.
          15. Have at least three years as a Bossloper in this Association. (Only applies to Hiveranno candidates.)
          16. Must have hunted for and killed at least one game or fur animal with a muzzle loading firearm or primitive bow and must have used the skin and/or meat for food, clothing and/or accouterments. The hunt must be made from a strictly primitive camp, the hunt accomplished under primitive conditions within the limits of local game laws.
          17. Be able to properly skin an animal and prepare the or hide for market.
          18. Have served as a Booshway for at least two activities of this Association.
          19. Spent at least three full days and two nights totally alone under primitive conditions and AUX ALIMENT DU PAYS (lives from the land).
          20. Have made a study and written report of the lifestyle of Mountain Men (or Frontiersmen or American Indian) pre-1840 and must submit a copy of such along with an application form to Brigade Booshway of this Association.
BUT, it is easy to become an Associate Member/Subscriber
and receive our magazine, Tomahawk and Long Rifle
    The Tomahawk and Long Rifle is published four times a year, quarterly. It is intended to be a tool for promoting the educational objectives of the American Mountain Men. Its contents include articles pertaining to the history of the mountain men, "how to" articles on period skills, and stories of living history activities.
Subscription price: twenty five ($25) dollars for one year; forty ($40) dollars for two years; and fifty five ($55) dollars for three years.
Checks should be made payable to "the American Mountain Men" and sent to the attention of: 
Mike "Tio Miguel" Morgan
PO Box 903
Sheridan, MT 59749-0903

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